Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"I spilled my food, Mommy"

This will never stop being funny for us.

A couple months ago, we went out to dinner, and S wanted soup. We gave her clam chowder, and she did a pretty good job of polishing off the bowl. We continued on our drive to Ephraim, UT. About ten minutes outside of town, we heard the noise all parents dread on a road trip: the sound of a vomiting child. S began to cry and said, "I spilled my soup, Mommy!".

A couple nights ago, she got a mild case of food poisoning (?), and threw up. She told her daddy that she had spilled her food.

My husband still hates vomit with a passion that takes my breath away, but even he can giggle at the "spilling of the food" phrasing.

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Katie said...

Lol, that is cute.