Friday, November 23, 2007

The AAP and I

In general, I find that I agree with the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).

Breastfeed exclusively for 6 months before starting solids? Check.
Then continue breastfeeding for at least a year? Check
Rear facing for at least a year? Check
Vaccinate your child? Check

However, they do not advocate cosleeping, and I've heard a recent campaign about the ABCs of safe sleeping:
on the baby's BACK
and in his/her Crib

While I think in certain circumstances that is the best and safest thing for baby, I don't think it always is. I more subscribe to the Sears idea that it can prevent SIDS and create a more bonded experience for mom and baby.

I coslept with S for her first year of life. I didn't worry about SIDS with her like I did the first two kids. I felt a certain bit of naughtiness to cosleeping since the AAP was already speaking out against cosleeping at that point. I felt like I was eating cake for breakfast or something by cosleeping. It was quite fun. However, my older two kids were generally both sleeping through the night by 2 months of age. S didn't sleep through the night til she was in a crib in her own room. Coincidence? I think not.

Z slept in a Moses basket right next to my bed for the first couple months of his life, and then would spend several hours in bed with me at night. I'd put him in bed to nurse, and then promptly fall asleep. But, I have made a more concerted effort to have him sleep in his own bed. I don't feel like it's safer in our case, but I do think it makes for more sleep. He more or less is sleeping through the night.

He has recently decided to do his own field test, and has decided that our nice Tempurpedic mattress is far superior to his $40 mattress courtesy of Wal-Mart. About 3 am, he will wake up and squawk until I put him in bed with me.

Tonight I gave him a late bath, a full jar of baby food, and a good nursing session before putting him to bed, so I have high hopes of him spending the entire night in his bed.

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