Monday, October 15, 2007

Sick Sick Sick

I had the worst sore throat for almost two weeks. It was so miserable! After about 5 days of pain and fever, I went to the doctor, where a strep test came up negative. However, the doctor was so impressed by the ugliness and swelling in my tonsils that he gave me a massive dose of antibiotics. It took almost three days to start working, but it finally is.

It is funny the things you appreciate after being sick. I am so happy to be able to swallow normally and without feeling like I'm eating shards of glass. I'm glad that going up and down our stairs doesn't seem like an almost insurmountable task.

My husband really stepped in and helped out while I was down though, which was really sweet and appreciated. In fact, he took more time off for this sore throat than he did for the birth of three of our four children! He did dishes, laundry, meals, childcare, floors, etc. It was very nice. Some may argue that it was expected that he picks up the slack when I'm sick. That may be true, but it was still very much appreciated.

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